Sounds of Space

COUNTDOWN Minus 1: Hidden in the Subfrequency Pt. 2

February 02, 2022 Chris Bass Season 1 Episode -1
Sounds of Space
COUNTDOWN Minus 1: Hidden in the Subfrequency Pt. 2
Show Notes

Greetings. I’m Chris Bass a music producer and renowned Spaceologist and this prequel episode is the next chapter of my life in Music - Hidden in the Sub-frequency part two.

We run down these experiences and why they make me the ideal candidate to host a podcast about Space Music.

In this episode we pick up where we last left off…with me lost in space in the year 2000…the band I fronted for six years over and done, my dreams of making a living playing music all but vaporised as I float in anti-gravity limbo…

I chat down musical adventures with:

  • Australia’s most successful hip-hop act the Hilltop Hoods
  • Junk punk legends the Clowns of Decadence
  • My return to hip-hop with the Cross Bred Mongrels and Defenders
  • Heavy rockers Loaded Zilla and Helga
  • The Culture of Kings compilations
  • Audio collective NewAuralNet and the Found Objects LP
  • Medicine Troupe and Rhythm Caravan
  • Suzy Treister, Crackhouse Crew, SCWOD, Decades and more.

…and how I moved towards a job in the music industry that kept my dogs and I  fed.

Whether you’re a music lover, space-fanatic, musician or producer or just need a new creative perspective blast off with me on a fantastic journey as we explore the musical universe of artists who sonically evoke Outer Space and Sci-Fi Futurism in popular music with SOUND.