Sounds of Space

Ep:1 Juice Records - Techno Rebels

February 23, 2022 Damien Donato Season 1 Episode 1
Sounds of Space
Ep:1 Juice Records - Techno Rebels
Show Notes

Techno Rebels: 30 Years of Juice Records with Damien Donato.

Hailed the world over and given kudos from such luminaries as Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin and Mike Banks of Underground Resistance, Juice Records has continually pushed the sonic boundaries of techno.
…and they’ve given me a WORLDWIDE exclusive on a new track called ‘Inifinty’

Greetings Earth people. I’m Chris Bass a music producer and renowned Spaceologist and in this special episode I talk with Techno Artist and Label Chief, DMZ aka Damien Donato.

Whilst Juice Records is renowned for launching the career of international DJ superstar HMC (who later became the Late Nite Tuff Guy),its catalog runs deep and they are still actively releasing new music.

Launched as an underground techno label in the early 90’s, Juice typified the lofty ambitions of the techno generation in both sound and deed, using the vinyl record as its medium.

This is the story of a Techno Rebel who put the sound of his city - the city of Adelaide -  on the world stage and in doing so, brought tangible credibility to Australian Techno music.

Damien runs down

  • Early days of the Techno scene in Adelaide
  • The influence of the music from the U.S., U.K and Europe
  • His dealings with Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills and his love of Detroit techno and Underground Resistance.
  • Building a team with Thee, Paddee, HMC and DCE
  • Balancing label business with creative work
  • Fax machines, DATs and Studio Gear
  • A blow by blow of the entire Juice vinyl record catalog

Whether you’re a music lover, space-fanatic, musician or producer or just need a new creative perspective blast off with me on a fantastic journey as we explore the musical universe of artists who sonically evoke Outer Space and Sci-Fi Futurism in popular music with SOUND.

Special Thanks to:

Extra special thanks to Damien and Antony for the exclusive track.

Underground Resistance:

JUICE020 - Antony Coppens 2021 release:

“ It goes beyond the drum machine and synthesiser sounds the label would be known for and embraces a wider spectrum with use of a Yamaha baby grand, Fender Rhodes, Washburn bass and Yamaha Electone E-75. 
It is a clear example of what Adelaide happenings have been missed by the global industry while it plays with a techno formula that goes beyond our underground imaginings.”

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